Briefly summarize a water policy issue. Include these four items:

(1) a discussion of its history as you can learn about it (Title: History)

(2) its current status (Title: Current Status)

(3) most important remaining unresolved issues (knowledge gaps) (Title: Unresolved Issues)

(4) your question (Title: Question)You need to be objective. This means presenting both sides of the issue.

Your last sentence should consist of the single question you want to answer.

Your question should pass two tests. (1) It must be objectively answerable, and (2) its answer should inform policy debates.

Example questions are: What is the DNPV to NM of delivering 10,000 acre feet more water/yr to MX at the US Mexico border?

  • What is the DNPV of a policy that subsidizes farmers to convert from flood to drip irrigation in southern NM.
  • What methods would have minimized DNPV of farm income lost from recent droughts?
  • What is the least cost way to keep Elephant Butte Reservoir from falling below 300,000 acre feet storage in 2017?
  • What is the DNPV of a program that would subsidize the City of Las Cruces to invest in water recycling?

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ECON / AGE 384V NM State University Drinking Water In Developing Countries, by A. Gadgil Feb 4, 2021 1 40,000 view of class objs • Learn why some water policy debates are important, internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally • for which these debates occur over water: – – – – – – development Allocation Climate stress adaptation management quality protection policy • See how these debates play out in different ways locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 2 40,000 view, continued • Learn to calculate economic values of competing uses of water to inform these policy debates. • Competing uses include – – – – – – – Irrigation Urban Recreation hydroelectric flood control endangered species’ habitat key ecological assets 3 Competition for what? 4 Q: why would you want to be able to calculate the economic value of those

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