Should animals be used for scientific research or testing? Agli Panci Instructor: Eva Prifti Course: Composition I Time: Thursday, 15:00-18:00 From the early time humans survival was depended on animals, either as food or for transporting. Today we are using animals for a new kind of survival, we are using them for testing and experimenting medicines that we need for different diseases. All along this time, this experiments has helped a lot for discovering of new kind of diseases and medicine to cure them.
I think that stopping of this experiments will bring limitation in scientific progress. However there are o lots of organization that try to protect animal rights but anyway for the moment is the only what that we have to test and experiment new way curing new or existing deceases. Although that many organization of animal rights think that animals should not used in medical research data shows that there are a lots of medications that we use today are invented due to animal research, because there are some animals who have similar body functions with humans.
Reducing the human suffering as much as we can must be our firs priority, and then our second priority must be reducing of animal suffering or death. Is not the same as using humans and animals in medical research for discovering new diseases that my affect both animals and human beings, in this case we must use animals for research so we avoid human suffering as much as we can and after that our priority should be animals.

For death bringers deceases like HIV or different tumors we need to do experimenting and tests with animals because it is the mos efficient way to find new ways to cure without having human suffering. Regarding to the second part that says that we must do our best to have the minimum of animal suffering has to a lot with ethics of the scientists that are doing this experiments. Regarding a survey conducted in the American Medical Association show that 99% of all active physicians in the U. S think that animal testing is the only way yo medical advancements.
With today technology we can keep animal suffering in the absolute minimum. We can use anesthetics to minimize the suffering. Also to reduce animal suffering can be done by keeping them comfortable and in clean and healthy environment conditions. In other words is clearly possible to use animals in research without being cruel to them. New technologies of scanning that exist today like magnetic resonance, which make possible for doctors to learn about a certain disease from animals without making them suffer.
According to studies there are thousands of death bringers diseases that are discovered from 1600’s to 1990’s due to animal experimentation. According to Animal Use and Abuse Statistics, more than 25 million vertebrate animals are used annually, and the number of invertebrates may extend to billions in United States. Above the scientific ethics of the scientist is the technology that is available to him, so our part is to do our best to avoid not needed hurting or testing. So we must take our benefits from this experiments but also to protect this animals from death.
According to the US based, Foundation for Biomedical Research: “Animal research has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance of the last century – for both human and veterinary health. From antibiotics to blood transfusions, from dialysis to organ transplantation, from vaccinations to chemotherapy, bypass surgery and joint replacement, practically every present-day protocol for the prevention, treatment, cure and control of disease, pain and suffering is based on knowledge attained through research with lab animals.
Humans genes are 99% like chimpanzees, and many other basic functions like eating, seeing, smelling are in humans like in animals. As a result of this similarity , the feedback of these animals are a very good guide to possible reactions of human patients. It is very possible that humans and animals can get o lot of the same diseases, because of this we can make the research in animals and test new medicines in them firs and after this we can produce for humans. As we know from the theory of evolution animals feel pain and pleasure,because we share with them our emotions.
So the people using animals for experimenting or different purposes should treat them with respect. Also the purposes for witch they are used should be legitimate. The groups defending animals have tried to distort the truth about what animals are used for. They refuse the fact that these researchers are important and declaim that animals shouldn’t be used for any reason. They argue that medical community doesn’t support the fact that animals are used in research and it is obvious that it isn’t the truth.
Besides the modern technology used in animal testing not all the experiments finish successfully and millions of animals die each year. Another point is that there are a lots of medicines that are tested in animals but they have side-effects in humans. So this kind of experiments bring suffering and deaths in both sides, in animals and in humans. Because different species reaction differently on different medicines. Animal rights organization have tried to dis inform public about the different fact in animal research.
They do not accept the fact that use of animal in research has given a very useful contribution in curing different diseases. Today about 95% of U. S medical schools do not use animals to experiment new medicines or for testing purposes. They are trained using the human stimulation that the today technologies can offer and doing didactic work. While there are trying to find other ways to animal testing and experimenting, what the best scientist can do for now is try to reduce the number of animals being tested.
They are using modern technologies and new types of scanning to see the animal organism so they don’t actually need to apply surgery. Though it is hard to completely stop the animal resting, what we can to is prevent unnecessary tests by stopping certain products that don’t require animal experimenting. In order that the pathogenesis of different diseases could be studied,doctors need animal experimentation as the only way at te current level of knowledge ,and it undertakes drug trials,vaccines to alleviate suffering for human and animals.
To conclude, humans must try can to reduce the number of animals being harmed in these experiments aimed at benefiting society.

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