Synthesis: the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity (opposed to analysis, which—as you well know—breaks things down).

Every assignment, every reading, every class activity has been leading up to this: your synthesis paper. This paper requires you to read widely on a topic. You evaluate, analyze, argue, and finally, pull all the pieces together to create a piece that is uniquely your own. You will paraphrase, summarize, explain, appeal, and more as you craft this paper. 

The hallmark of this paper is complexity of ideas and their expression. This paper is evidence of the depth of your research and thinking—it goes without saying (but I’ll write it anyway!) that you must understand your topic thoroughly. It’s fine if you don’t at the start of the research, but by the time you have completed your research, you should be extremely well-versed in this topic. 

Complete Paper Due Date: Thursday, Dec. 9th @ midnightNOTE: This is an absolute, drop dead deadline. Class ends on the day of our final, so any paper that comes on after the deadline will not be graded. (I love y’all, but we are out of time)

Grade value: 350 pts total (100 for Annotated Bibliography, 250 for paper itself)

Length: 7-10 pages, not including Works Cited

Minimum Number of Sources Required: 10, including the three mandatory sources provided with your prompt (see below); one of your sources will need to be retrieved through the PPCC library

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