Significance of the Boeing 737 Max Crashes to Engineering Philosophy Essay


Research Project Instructions

For Lessons 10 and 11 you will be conducting an independent research project. You should do research into a recent (after 1950) historical case of significance to engineering ethics. Your assignment is to provide analysis of both the technical and ethical aspects of the case in your posts to the class. The goal of the assignment is to survey a wide variety of real world cases, both large and small, so we can think about the many different ways ethics might become an issue in your future careers. If you are not on a career path towards becoming a professional engineer, you are strongly encouraged to investigate cases and issues more closely related to your own career goals. I’ll provide some sample cases is the slides, but feel free to choose any case you’d like to talk about. If you’re wondering if some case is good for this project, the issue is whether you can find good primary scholarship for research. If you have questions about a case, feel free to send me a message.

For Lesson 10, you should present the full details of the case in your own words. Explain all facts and contexts relevant for understanding the case, both technical details and the historical, sociopolitical, or economic contexts where relevant. Describe what went wrong, who was involved, and what the consequences were. You might also talk about why you selected the case and how it is relevant to your interests and professional goals.

For Lesson 11 you should give an ethical analysis of the case. Talk about who or what is responsible for the situation, how we should hold them responsible, and how similar issues should be dealt with in the future. What are the most important lessons you take away from your case? Why is your case important to engineering ethics? Optional: You might also discuss how the ethical theories we’ve developed in class applies to your case.

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