Paper instructions

Simulation Group the Regular Analyses & Assessment of Company Progress Capstone

This paper is about the reflection of a Capstone simulation group project (Capsim)

In this group project, we had 8 rounds. It starts from 0 as all teams have the same numbers and in each round, all the teams make decisions in R&D, Marketing, Production, and Finance. For this paper, I am going to be representing the Andrews team.

I’ve uploaded the Capstone Courier for all rounds which shows all the details regarding each decision, financial statements, ratios, and comparisons between the other teams. Filename (Capstone® Courier Rounds)

I’ve also uploaded the Industry Conditions Report which gives a big picture of the industry. Filename (ConditionsReport_Andrews)

These are the instructions of the paper:

Your simulation experience will generate many business outcomes. Based on your final results in the Capstone simulation, individually submit a well-written, typed, 3-5 page, double spaced essay (which will be evaluated on written communication skills) that carefully addresses each of the following:

1. What do you see as plausible possible courses of action moving (hypothetically) forward? Describe at least three alternatives; each should be discussed in detail and address different stakeholder perspectives.

2. What would be the outcome implications of each of your proposed possible alternative courses of action? Describe any ethical implications associated with each of the decision alternatives.

3. What should the strategy be so that the company is best positioned under each decision alternative?

4. Based on your best analyses, which one of the above courses of action do you recommend and why?

5. As implications of your recommended decision, what are the actions needed in the next year for each function in the company: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Technology, Operations, etc.?

Use the 8 rounds. The assignment doesn’t require sources.

Please answer all the questions carefully. Let me know if you need more clarification

Requirements: Essay | 3 pages, Double spaced

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