Research Paper:Singapore 

Pick a country or a region i chose

The point of the paper is to describe the place and analyze the degree to which it is integrated into the larger world economy, polity, and global culture.

Thesis statement: Construct a thesis about how connected or the way the country is connected globally. You might also pose a thesis in response to the question: what is the main advantage/disadvantage of globalization for this country?

The papers should be typed, double-spaced, and in 12-point font with normal margins and spacing. Length 7-9 pages, excluding the references and title page.


Any material that is not your own original thought must be referenced in the body of the paper (use APA style).  The following sites provides information on :

Include a background section on some of these points, incorporating the discussion into your thesis:

• Physical geography (include a map as an appendix)

• Population and ethnic make-up

• Political make-up

• Resources and local industries

• GDP and degree of development

• Cultural and religious make-up

Your thesis should include the degree of integration of the country into global economy, polity, and culture.

Use any or all of these points

• What international organizations is the country a member of?

• Economic linkages: trade partners, exports and places of exports, imports and from where, investors (corporations, individuals), foreign-owned businesses

• History of loans and foreign aid (if that applies)

• Trade agreements

• Immigration, in and out. Transplanted populations and their impact

• Presence of transnational corporations (TNCs)

• Use and penetration of social media and technology – computers, Internet, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc

• Religions and penetration of other religions

• Food and fashion

• Music – what’s popular

It should also tackle the question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization for this country?

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