Summary: Within Canada

You will prepare a 2500-word site analysis that considers:

– The history of the site and surrounding region

– Existing ecological conditions of the site

– Socio-cultural context of the site and surrounding region

– Political priorities reflected in the planning and design ideals for the proposed park

– Potential losses and gains anticipated through redevelopment of this site

– Who is this park designed to serve? Whose interests, needs and preferences are not served?

– What are the ecological implications of the proposed park?

– What does the proposed development tell us about the relationship between ecological and political processes?

– What is the best path forward?

If you are unable or prefer not to visit this site, please choose another location for your site analysis. You should select a site that is proposed for redevelopment as a “greenspace” but has not yet been redeveloped. If you select an alternate site, please include an additional 300 words dedicated to describing the site and proposed changes.

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