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FIN 610 Module Five Case Study Review: Quaker Cracker To respond to the following questions, you will need to review the Quaker Cracker case study on pp. 242–244 of your textbook, Working Capital Management: Applications and Case Studies; the questions were adapted from the same section of the textbook. Respond in complete sentences as appropriate. 1. Part A: Using the data in exhibits C5.1 and C5.2, discuss how Quaker Cracker’s results compare to its industry. You will need to prepare a pro forma income statement (using the table below) before proceeding. Income Statement Sales Cost of goods sold Gross profit Depreciation expense Advertising and selling expenses Profits before taxes Income Taxes Net income Current (times) Quick (times) Debt (%) Average collection period (days) Total asset turnover (times) Return on Equity (%) (in

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