Walden University practices a policy of nondiscrimination in admission to, access to, and

employment in its programs and activities. Walden does not discriminate on the basis of race,

color, sex, age, religion or creed, marital status, disability, national or ethnic origin,

socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or other legally protected status.

Walden is committed to providing barrier-free access to its educational services and makes

appropriate and reasonable accommodations when necessary. Students requesting

accommodations per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must contact the Office of

Disability Services at disability@mail.waldenu.edu.

Walden University publications, including the Catalog and Student Handbook, represent current

curricula, educational plans, offerings, requirements, tuition, and fees. These may be modified or

discontinued from time to time in the university’s sole discretion to carry out the university’s

purposes and objectives. Neither the provisions of this document, nor the acceptance of students

through registration and enrollment in the university constitutes a contract or an offer of a


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