Social Change Agent Research

Social change is the great force that moves the curve of history towards a better future. It is the sacrifice of individuals that catalyze social change. Among some of the topics that are common in matters, social change is a democracy, civil rights activism, better governance, better health care programs, education reforms, environmental conservation, gender equality, women empowerment, LGBT rights, and such like topics which are at the heart of every progressive citizen’s agenda. The initiatives that rise from social movements help in solving the most critical and pressing issues in society. Often, the different issues are met with opposition, or with indifference by those in power or by members of the public. However, people must rise to confront the most critical and pressing issues and raise a national/ international consciousness about them. At times the call to duty entwines with one’s purpose in life. History is replete with examples of agents of social change. John Lewis is such an example as he spearheaded activism against racism. He was a key leader of the Southern Nonviolence Coordinating Committee.

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