Social Entrepreneurship

Responsible Business Plan and Pitch Project Details: Need to develop a business plan for a new venture that will have a positive benefit for society or the natural environment and provide a verbal presentation. The structure of the written project is flexible, however, there are some key elements that are expected of any business plan. In general, a business plan should address: 1. The market, including existing competitors and your proposed niche 2. A description of your planned product or service 3. Revenue forecasts, prospective clients and customers 4. Details for investors, including financial or resource asks and terms Given that the venture needs to focus on responsible business, you will want to provide: 1. An overview of the social or environmental issue to be addressed 2. A description of the stakeholders involved 3. A critical discussion of how the new venture addresses the problem Requirement: Although there is no set length requirement for the written business plan, quality plans are typically fifteen or more pages in length, Times New Roman 12pt. font, double spaced

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