1)     Choose one of the social justice topics listed below.
Topics from which to choose:

  •   Immigrant rights / immigration policy
  • Migrant workers
  • Women’s rights / gender inequality
  • LGBT rights
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Voter ID laws
  •  Affordable housing
  •  Unemployment / lack of jobs
  •  Access to health care/ Affordable Care Act
  •  The income gap / low social mobility (minimum wage or women’s wages)
  •  The effects of globalization
  •  Quality of public education
  •  The Dream Act
  •  Child welfare / the foster care system
  •  The death penalty (capital punishment)

2)     Research the topic by locating books and journal articles that cover the topic
3)     Respond to the questions below after critically thinking about the information you located (books and journal articles). 
4)     Paraphrase (in your words) the content that you located in the books or articles to answer each of the questions below (use complete sentences and provide the source or sources that you used for each answer).
5)     Use third-person narrative for this part (first-person narrative should be used for the closing statement only)
6)     Follow APA guidelines when listing each source.
7)     You must use a minimum of 5 different sources.
8)     If your response to a particular question includes the content from more than one source. List each source at the end of that section. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR LAYOUT EXAMPLE.

Note:  Your response to each question should be 3 to 8 sentences in length.  

Please provide thoughtful responses to the following questions based on your research (Note: avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing content AND by listing the appropriate source for EACH item – see example above).

1)      Why is this topic controversial? (Controversial (adj): relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument)
2)     What are some of the causes?
3)     What are some of the effects?
4)     Who does it affect? (who = social class, race/ethnicity, age range)
5)     Is it happening throughout the country that it affects or, are there regions of the country it affects where it is more of (or less of) an issue?
6)     What needs to happen for it to change?
7)     What is being done about it? What is NOT being done about it?
8)     Who (person, group or organization) might have the power to improve or fix it?

9)     What are the implications for social workers?  (What can social workers do to address this problem?)

Close this assignment with 1 – 2 paragraphs that summarize your personal thoughts on your topic based on what you learned from your research. This section can be written in first-person narrative. In this summary you can include any information that was new and surprising to you or frustrations you felt as you critically thought about the issue or other important thoughts that you had while preparing this assignment.

Use standard format: double-spaced, 1-1.25” margins, 12-point Times Roman or Calibrifont. (must have a minimum of 2 pgs & no more than 4 pgs), not including the cover/title page or reference page. Use APA format to cite your sources (at the end of each question like in the example above).

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