Include the following:

• An overview
• A minimum of 10 sources from peer-reviewed journals from your annotated bibliography, submitted in Week 3, as well as additional research.

Review the Social Learning Strategies Checklist on p. 160 in Ch. 7 of Social Media for Trainers.

Consider the checklist as your team writes the comprehensive manual. Include enough information about the tools you selected and why these tools are important, so the employees using the manual understand the benefits of participating in social learning within the workplace.

• Social Learning

o What are some barriers to effective social learning? How might these be overcome?
o Given the nature of today’s organization, what role does social learning play in ensuring effective workforce training?
o What ethical dilemmas might be encountered within the social learning environment? How will ethical conflicts be resolved?
o What level of importance is assigned to social learning? How might you help promote its importance within an organization

• Include content from each criteria selected for your manual. Choose the content that is most relevant to support each criterion.


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