its a 5 page augrumentative essay that is supposed speak on the negatve sides of social media. I can use Google as a resource but she does recommend using Westchester community college library but if not which I know is highly impossible google will be fine. I need citations it can be to videos or articles but it needs to be a citation. She explains that every reason should take up at least one page so the first page should be my introduction my second page should be one reason which I would like to be “the youth and do they feel pressured since it’s so normalized in their life” and second “businesses and what they are telling the people they are doing and what they’re actually doing and gaining” such as money and information. third being “suggested solutions, what can we do to prevent and minimize young people and their mental health due to society “. These are points she told me to focus on based on my introduction file I have submitted to you. She said that my thesis statement should be” are these people being brought together creating peace or creating chaos?” as you can see i wrote in my file. we have read a book that covers and answers all these questions. i am on the negative side of social media being dangerours. The book is called “ten arguments why you should delete your social media accounts right now” by jarson lanier. Since I am using him as a resource I need to explain his beliefs as a person what he has done before his movement what accomplishment has he achieved and why does he do what he does.

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