Pick a movie from this list: 

  • 8 Mile, 12 Years a Slave, 50 First Dates, American History X , Anchorman, Apocalypse Now, A League of their Own, A Star is Born, Babel, Blood Diamond, Boys Don’t Cry, Brave, Breakfast Club, Brokeback Mountain, Cabin in the Woods, Chocolat, Coming to America, Coyote Ugly, Crash, Crazy Rich Asians, Dirty Dancing, Fight Club, First Wives Club, Friday Night Lights, Frozen, Full Metal Jacket, Guess Who, Her, Hotel Rwanda, Hunger Games, Hustlers, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, I Love You, Lady Bird, Little Miss Sunshine, Love Actually, Mean Girls, Memoirs of a Geisha, Menace II Society, Milk, Moana, Moonrise Kingdom, Monster’s Ball, Mulan, My Beautiful Launderette, Pretty Woman, Save the Last Dance, Set it Off, She’s the Man, Shakespeare in Love, Sister Act (1), Sleeping Beauty, Slumdog Millionaire, Snow White, Superbad, The Banger Sisters, The Blind Side, The Break Up, The Color Purple, The Great Gatsby, The Help, The Incredibles, The Kite Runner   

Use this book to tie the movie into, 3 outside source and 3 source from the book: Social Problems: Readings (1st Edition) Ira Silver ISBN-13: 978-0393929324use the template giving and fallow the instruction on the template 

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