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EACH post should be a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs (8-10 sentences per paragraph). • Demonstrate understanding of key concepts through application in your posts (bold key concepts). • List citations – anything that is copied from the internet will result in a zero. • • In-text citations must use quotation marks and should be kept to a minimum. • POST #1 Agents of Socialization • Choose 1-2 topics below and discuss what you were taught about those topics (good, bad, indifferent) and which agents of socialization socialized you to believe those things. • Discuss if you experienced any positive and/or negative reinforcement in order to get you to conform to the norms you were taught. • You can also discuss if you went through a resocialization process and whether or not you accepted or rejected what you were socialized to believe and do. Topics: race & ethnicity, gender, ability, sexuality, religion, socio-economic statuses, citizenship/nationality Agents of socialization: family, friends, colleagues, media, school, religion, government, work… For example: If you were born and raised as a girl/woman you might have been taught to “sit like a lady,” wear makeup when going outside, cook and clean, choose a male partner… You would talk about the agents of socialization that taught you to do/believe those things. Then discuss if you experienced positive or negative sanctions related to gender socialization. Perhaps you were rewarded when you adhered to “acting like a lady” and experienced negative reinforcement when you did not. Note; I am NOT a girl/woman POST #2 ; Role Strain and Role Conflict Discuss a status in which you experience role strain or statuses in which you experience role conflict. • Name the status or statuses. • Explain the role(s) associated with the status or statuses. • Discuss any possible solutions. For example, if you experience role strain as a business owner, what might you, your colleagues, or management do to alleviate the strain? NeONRAND

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