Below you will find facts about Inequality, Deviance, and Crime in relation to class, race, and gender.  You will then find your dropbox assignment for this subject. 


Sociological studies of crime analyze the various types of crimes, such as elite crime, organized crime, corporate crime, and personal and property crimes. Many types of crimes are underreported, such as rape and certain elite and corporate crimes. Sociologists study the conditions, including race, class, and gender inequality, that pro- duce crime and shape how different groups are treated by the criminal justice system, such as showing group differences in sentencing.

In general, crime rates for a variety of crimes are higher among minorities than among Whites, among poorer persons than among middle or upper class persons, and among men than among women. Women, especially minority women, are more likely to be victimized by serious crimes such as rape or violence from a spouse or boy- friend.


Which of the following theories of deviance—rational choice, differential association, labeling theory, social control, anomie and social disorganization, strain theory, and conflict theory—best explains the high rate at which minorities are profiled and victimized by law enforcement officers and incarcerated at a higher rate than their white counterparts?  You may apply more than one theory.  

Explanation & Answer length: 600 words

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