Answer five (5) questions from the list below.

1. Define the nuclear family and elaborate on its evolution. Is this still the traditional family form in the United States?

2. Define endogamy and exogamy as family forms and give an example of each

3. Family life during the preindustrial period differed quite a bit from family life during the Industrial Revolution. Discuss some of these differences.

4. The contemporary belief that work life and family life are separate spheres emerged with the Industrial Revolution. With this shift came the expectation that family life was women’s domain and work life was men’s domain. Lingering notions of separate spheres continue to shape men’s and women’s experiences today. Provide two examples of how this notion shapes (or could shape) men’s and women’s lives differently.

5. Discuss three specific reasons why housework is overlooked as a worthy or meaningful activity in the United States.

6. Define what Barbara Risman calls fair families and give two examples of the potential benefits of these types of families.

7. Discuss three of the main issues surrounding the increasing number of single mothers in the United States.

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