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Sociology 235 Exam 1 Create a new Word document without your name, this will ensure I can grade with usernames hidden. You will be graded on the clarity, composition, use of important concepts and depth of your argument(s). Short Response: looking for a strong and thorough paragraph at the very least Choose FOUR of the following questions (4 questions x 25 points = 100 points) 1. What is neoliberalism? Identify its main (important) components (ideas) and explain what the outcome of neoliberal policies have been. 2. What are three impacts of mergers, particularly ‘mega-mergers’ (monopolies), for our society? Why are media company mergers, or media monopolies, especially problematic for our political process? 3. How does wealth bias our selection of political candidates and the political system in general? How does the Citizens United ruling from the Supreme Court potentially damage the concept of democracy? 4. Why did Marx see monopolies as inevitable in a capitalist system? What are the other four contradictions of capitalism that Marx outlines in our textbook, explain them? 5. What was colonialism? Why are former colonies, for the most part, still poor? 6. What role does global inequality play in immigration? How are immigrants “pushed” or “pulled” to the United States based on circumstances in their own countries?

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