Instructions*USE THE ATTACHED FILE TO Rewrite paper can keep most of it just need to finish the paper and organize the ideas needs to be 12 pages in the required formatting attached at the very bottom of instructions my paper is on the influence of media during covid pandemic

  • Analyze the coronavirus pandemic by connecting class concepts and themes to the current state of affairs. Discuss the pandemic and make an argument about how specific class concepts relate to current events. Similarly, you may make an argument about how a particular aspect of society is influenced by the pandemic (E.G. education, technology, civil rights, the economy, et cetera).

Cite a minimum of 6 peer­‐reviewed articles or books not on the assigned reading list. 

These 6 pieces should be scholarly work and not from a newspaper, for example. While you may choose to cite a news article for the purposes of making connections between themes and current events, these citations won’t count towards the 6 peer-reviewed articles/books prerequisite. Relatedly, while you may cite lectures, they do not count towards the 6 outside resources.


You may find it useful to review the highlighted terms in Conley to jog your memory and organize your thoughts.

Similar to a memo, explain the sociological ties with the topic and incorporate those connections into an argument in a clear, direct manner.

Indicators of a strong paper include:

  • A nuanced and holistic understanding of the sociological linkages to the topic, rather than a shoehorned or passive mention of definitions, terms, and concepts. When discussing a theme, be clear on its relevancy and explain connections.
  • A clear argument, logic, and flow. You are critiquing and analyzing topics that have many facets. Your critical and sociological thinking should be demonstrated throughout the paper. What’s more, the organization of the paper should lend itself to a clear flow without abrupt transitions.
  • Excellent grammar and syntax. 

Formatting Requirements

  • 13-15 pages double-spaced not including the bibliography
  • written in 11-point Calibri font
  • 1 inch margins
  • without spaces after paragraphs. 

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