Topic 1: climate change

2.1.  How does climate change affect soil health/stability?

2.1.1.  Warming climate speeds up decomposition of plant matter, this alters the nutrient cycles and ends up turning the soil from a carbon sink to a carbon source.

2.1.2.  Increased drought changes the structure and composition of the soil, making it less habitable for plants and microorganisms, this also leads to the dust bowl.

2.1.3.  Erosion is becoming more common from changing climate as well as wildfire effects on soil.

3.  Topic 2: agriculture

3.1.  How is agriculture affecting soil health, is this sustainable?

3.1.1.  Increased use of fertilizer alters nutrient cycling and is toxic for surrounding ecosystems.

3.1.2.  Monocultures and tilling are making land unusable through desertification.

3.1.3.  Grazing makes it impossible for plant communities to recover, and the demand is too stressful on the ecosystems.

4.  Topic 3: urbanization

4.1.  How does urbanization affect soil quality and health?

4.1.1.  Runoff from factories leaches into the soil, making a lot of it toxic, and contaminating water.

4.1.2.  Compaction from human activities alters composition.

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