One Way to Lower Housing Costs on Campus This is My Solutions: Would a higher GPA result in lower costs for on-campus housing? In this case, getting a higher GPA will be a motivation for students, however, motivation is important because it allows you to work towards achieving your goals and live more comfortably, it will reduce the responsibility for housing costs and will increase your interest and encourage to study. Getting a high GPA (3.50-4.00) will reduce housing costs and will get special offers. One of the good and distinctive ways is that the student with a GPA ( will receive offers and discounts for housing on campus, as the collage includes a 20% discount on housing on campus and a 10% discount on collage restaurants. For the students who will get 3.90-4.00 GPA They will have a special offer, including getting rooms with a large area and 25% discount for on Campus housing also, 20% discount for collage restaurant.

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