Each “essay set” assignment comprises a set of 2 distinct essay question prompts designed to stimulate the student’s thinking and assess the knowledge gleaned from the textbook and course reading. Each essay question should be answered with a 1 page double spaced essay, but compiled and submitted as a single document (2 essays for a total of 2–4 pages, double spaced). It is expected that the course textbook and assigned reading will qualify as the primary sources for writing essays; however, students are permitted to use other sources. Any sources quoted or used in the essay should be cited. Each essay is meant to answer a related group of questions, so it is important that you are thorough in answering the questions completely.

Essay 1 

You are at a local coffee shop reading your course text for this class and a mid-twenties gentleman approaches your table and mentions to you that he has done some reading in theology over the past couple of years after college. However, he states that he is still quite confused over the issue of the Holy Spirit and particularly as to how the Spirit works in the life of a believer. How would you respond to this individual? Be sure to use relevant Scripture and supporting research in your response.

After providing a response to the above statement he then asks you about spiritual gifts. Why are they given? Why are they significant? Be sure to discuss the two categories of spiritual gifts; use relevant Scripture and supporting sources.

Great Truths From God’s Word: Twelve Theological Themes by: Willmington, Harold

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