Spirituality can be defined as an authentic relationship to self, other people, the universe and the inspirations that influence individuals as they interact with others and also with the planet. Moreover, spirituality in education refers to a deep link between the learners, teachers and the subject and this link is vital and extremely relevant in learning. This paper expounds on spirituality and how its concepts can be effectively integrated into educational settings with diverse populations using a scenario of Latinos from three Catholic churches.

            Spiritual grounding refers to the act of balancing one’s spiritual and physical energy to enable an individual to remain present and connected to oneself on earth. When one is spiritually grounded, one feels that he or she is present in the physical world (Gargiulo & Metcalf, 2017). It is also essential in creating an individual’s awareness of other people’s cultures and also developing cultural competence. When one recognizes the diversity of culture, he can develop a program that is all inclusive and respects the cultural diversity of everyone (Aceves & Orosco, 2014). This is useful in learning as it enables the educators to observe and respect the cultural diversity of the learners which makes the learners feel recognized and respected in the institutions.

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