Final Project
Research Topic Selection:

SRM for relationship management purpose
CRM for quality purpose
DSS for data analytics purpose
Groupware for collaboration purpose

Select one out of the four research topics indicated above to create a professional PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint submission should be 10 to 15 minutes long and covers:

Background (overview) 

Evolution of SRM, CRM, DSS or Groupware
Explain the role of information systems as it pertains to your selected topic

Comparison of three (3) specific software pertinent to your selected topic 

name, version (if applicable), brand/company, release date, description, and operating system supported.
features and functions
usability in the context of organizations (provide specific scenarios)
benefits and challenges

Recommendations (summary and preferred tool/app based on your analysis)

Your submission

Submit your professional PowerPoint presentation.

NOTE: You have to do the research yourself by reviewing each software website and do not copy/paste from a website that already conducted the comparison.

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