Hi, I need help with essay on Pakistan: Sruggle for the Soul. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!splitting up of the sub continent into two countries – India & Pakistan, there was mass migration of Muslims and Hindus across the border which resulted in rioting and massacres leading to more than a million deaths.The basic idea on which Mohammad Ali Jinnah envisaged and visualized Pakistan to be a homogenous state where Muslims would live in their own secure,secular and modern world failed miserably as shown in the article in the ‘National Geographic’ magazine by Belt, D. (September, 2007). According to him the nation is split up into different ethnic and geographical identities of the people who are confined to their individual tribal beliefs and practices and there is no national character as such. This has been complicated by the suppression of democracy by military rulers in the past sixty years of existence of this nation who have enjoyed huge benefits by profiteering from the nation’s land, industry and natural resources. They have also been successful in crushing any semblance of democracy brutally by force, most of the times resulting in the trial and hanging of democratically elected leaders (e.g. Hanging of former Prime Minister by General Zia ul Haq.). The military leaders who had ruled Pakistan were more preoccupied by self preservation and a luxurious life and came mostly from the Punjab province from families of feudal landlords who crushed the general public with impunity and force. The practice exists till date where the present President, General Pervez Musharraf sacked the Chief Justice of the Pakistan Supreme Court, which lead to wide unrest and protests in the country. The general public still lives in poverty with no educational and health facilities provided by the government. Justice is non existent as even a genuine case of rape as exemplified in the article (Belt, D. 2007) is proven otherwise by the people in power. People thus live in a constant fear of the powerful rulers and seek refuge in the fundamentalist locations where

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