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UTA SCIE-3305 HW 12 Name ______________________________________________________ 1) Find an article, news story, documentary or other media resource which documents the effect of removing an apex, keystone or top predator for an ecosystem and the subsequent alteration of that ecosystem by way of changing abundances of the other species of animals and/or plants. This can be terrestrial, freshwater or marine. 2) Cite the source you found this in: a. Example: the classic case study in ecology many decades ago was done by Roger Payne (Payne, 1966) studying the effect of predator removal on intertidal communities on rocky shorelines of Washington State. Experimental removal of a starfish species which was a major predator of encrusting and slow moving shoreline animals like sea urchins caused dramatic and unfortunate reductions in biomass and biodiversity in that ecosystem. i. Paine, R. T. 1966. Food web complexity and community stability. American Naturalist 100:65-75. 5) Summarize the scenario reported or described. a. State the key predator and what caused its decline or local removal/extinction. b. Describe the ecological community particularly focusing on the animals and/or plants primarily affected by this predator’s absence and any consequent effects on more distant parts of the systems food webs or community structure. c. Summarize the specific effects on the chosen ecological community and more broadly what the ecological lesson is that we can generally learn and apply to real world ecological problems. d. Save this document and upload as a .doc, .docx or PDF format document. Include your name and a Title for the assignment.
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