Stages of critical thinkingHow to move to the next stageObstacles to moving to the next stage EXAMPLE: The Unreflective ThinkerExamine my thinking to identify problems that affect my thinking. Deceiving myself about the effectiveness of my thinking The Challenged ThinkerFiguring out that my thinking is causing me serious problems. Realizing that my thinking is not as perfect as I believe and develop awareness of how thinking operates for good or bad. The Beginning ThinkerMaking attempts to better understand how I can take charge of and improve my thinking.
Recognizing and changing the problems in my thinking to and ways to develop as a thinker. The Practicing ThinkerActively analyzing my thinking in a number of ways. Develop awareness of the need for systematic practice in thinking. The Advance ThinkerHaving significant insight to problems at the deeper levels of thought. Developing understanding for systematic practice thinking and insight to deep levels of problem in thought, consistent recognition. The Accomplished ThinkerContinually monitoring, revising and rethinking strategies for continual improvement in my thinking.
To make the highest levels of critical thinking intuitive in every part of my life. Write a 150- to 200-word explanation of your current stage of critical-thinking development and explain why you placed yourself at that stage. Format your paragraph consistent with Associate Level Writing Style Handbook guidelines. Strategies to Develop Critical Thinking Now that you identified your current stage as a critical thinker, it is necessary to adopt strategies to develop your thinking. Of the nine strategies you read about this week, choose three that you can begin to practice.
Identify the strategies and describe how you can implement each strategy in your daily life. EXAMPLE Strategy: Deal with my emotions. Implementation Plan: When I am faced with a decision, I will examine the positive and negative emotions associated with my decision. This will help me limit the influence of my emotions on my decisions. Strategy 1: Reshaping your character Implementation Plan: When having a discussion I need to be more open minded to other ideas. I tend to assume I know better than some people and will dismiss their ideas as good before I even hear them out to make an educated decision.
Strategy 2:Analyze group influence Implementation Plan: It is easy to get caught up in a group decision and have to deal with group speak (for lack of a less political term) regardless of what the situation is. Having a better stance or backbone to make the right decision against the popular decision is imperative to good critical thinking. Strategy 3: Redefine the way I see things. Implementation Plan: I see things that are always my way. I need to open up and look at it in someone’s perspective. I need to be able to see it in someone’s eyes so I know what it feels like.

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