Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Stakeholder and Governance Analysis.Its aim is to raise awareness on the dangers of the pandemic especially among the youths who are more vulnerable. The initiative is meant to promote quality health to all through the provision of clean and safe water to drink as well as awareness campaign against the spread of HIV/Aids.The main aim of the initiative is the fight against spread of HIV/Aids pandemic.The roundabout bolted on top of borehole was designed as a play power for the children hence they would be subconsciously consuming the Aids awareness information inscribed on the billboards while at play. They would be pumping clean and safe water for domestic use into the overhead tank which promotes better, quality health through the reduction of waterborne diseases and provision of water for vegetables.Stakeholders are often referred to as people who have interests in a certain project as well as those who are affected by that project. The major stakeholders in this case are the manufacturers of the roundabouts, local government, commercial advertisers, and children in particular as well as other ordinary members of the community who are beneficiaries of the project.Empowerment is mainly in the form of sponsorship from either the government or other charity organisations. The manufactures can be offered financial assistance for this noble cause by donor agencies such as NGOs. This would go a long way in establishing similar projects in many areas across the country. Stakeholders in the category of beneficiaries can be empowered through the provision of financial assistance that can be used to start small scale income generating projects that may improve the quality of their lives.Projects should be run by local community members who are the beneficiaries as a way of creating a sense of belonging such that they would utilise the project to the fullest extent inorder to achieve the desired goals.This initiative is meant to

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