Read the following article and answer all 5 questions.  Each answer should be 3 sentences.

Stakeholders and Ethics

Ethical Decision-Making and Prioritizing Stakeholders – Business Ethics (

2 years later, corporate America still hasn’t found its soul (

 Read both articles and answer the following questions:  

                (Ethical Decision Making and Prioritizing Stakeholders)

1)    As a result of Amazon buying Whole Foods – what must Aldi and Walmart prioritize?

2)    What are the three major components to bringing about change in customer or donor expectations:

3)    What is the challenge of prioritizing stakeholders?

(2     Years Later, Corporate America…)

4)    According to the article, what change in the Board of Directors might have saved CEO Emmanuel Faber’s job?

5)    What is the percentage of Americans who boycott at least one company at any given point in time?

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