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CHM 302 Environmental Chemistry Assignment 3 Due date December 1st before class 1. Water use (20 pts) a) Calculate/estimate your daily and yearly water use inside your home. (Don’t put any detailed calculations, which you feel would compromise your privacy! We don’t need to know if you shower/bath and how often etc…. This is more supposed to be an intellectual exercise for you to think about the big picture). Where does the water you use comes from (sources etc.)? (3) b) Where does the used-water ends up after it goes down your drain? Estimate the amount of water you use daily outside your home such as for irrigation of your home/apartment complex, car wash, pool, etc. (3) c) Find out through the web the per capita use of water in the community you live now and/or where you grew up. Can you explain the differences? Also compare your per capita water use with the average per capita water use in some developing countries. (3) d) If you were to save water, what could you do personally inside your home? How would this impact your consumption? How large would be the impact if the general population in your community changes their habits to use water? (3) e) Consider a corn yield of 7,500 kg/hectare (equivalent to 120 bushels per acre). If 25 kg (one bushel) of corn consumed about 19m3 of water during the growing season, what is the ratio of the weight of corn to the weight of water consumed? Where does most of the water end up? Calculate the minimum quantity of irrigation water required to grow the corn (1 hectare = 104m2) if the corn is grown in Phoenix AZ

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