By definition, a statement of purpose, commonly termed as SoP, is a candid description of the personality of a student to the admission committee of a certain college.  An SoP is a chance for the student to impress the admission committee as it is used to complement the academic achievements and test scores of a student.

How to Write a good Statement of Purpose (SoP)  

A good SoP starts off by capturing the attention of the reader. In the first paragraph, you should introduce yourself.  Give an overview of your childhood and elementary education. In the subsequent paragraphs, you should be able to concentrate on the unique attributes that make you better than other candidates. You could talk about the leadership positions you held in college while undertaking your studies.  You could also bring out the fact that you were doing campus jobs while undertaking your studies. These will go a long way in portraying you as a good leader and as someone who can multitask; thus, increasing your chances of being admitted.

You should also be familiar with the units that are offered in the course that you are applying to.  This will enable you to cite some of the courses when talking about your motivation for choosing the course.  By doing this, a recruiter will know that you are passionate about joining the school hence increasing your chances of being admitted. Finally, finish off by appreciating the fact that it will be a huge pleasure for you to join the University/College.  

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