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Link that’s on page 1. if needed¬†World’s Most Polluted Countries in 2020 – PM2.5 Ranking | AirVisual (¬†attachmentsSlide 1 of 3


1. The chart below shows some pollution indexes for some of the world’s countries. Answer the questions Show your calculations. (See page 432) 2020 World Air Quality Report a. Which country was in the 70- percentile position? b. What was the percentile for Belgium? Country New Caledonia Estonia Australia Belgium Denmark Spain Latvia Philippines Hungary Hong Kong SAR Albania Peru Mexico Kosovo Croatia Laos Montenegro United Arab Emirates Kuwait Bosnia Herzegovina Afghanistan PM2.5 3.7 5.9 7.6 8.9 9.4 10.4 11.3 12.8 14.3 15.4 16.0 17.9 18.9 20.0 21.2 22.4 26.1 29.2 34.0 40.6 46.5 C.How many countries were the best 20% for air quality (smallest PM2.5)? d. of the countries in the list, name the countries that are in the 10% which pollute the least. polluted-countries 2. For the

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