Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses What does the future hold for stem cells in relation to tissue engineering.Stem cell researchers have in the recent past been involved in elucidating the effects of mechanical factors in tissue generation and engineering with regards to stem cell biology, especially as this field is still poorly understood (Pavlovic & Ba?lint, 2013: p7).Stem cells possess immense potential in the field of tissue engineering. Potential hopes for future regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue are partially dependent on the use of various intricate combinations of stem cells with growth factors and scaffolds (Pavlovic & Ba?lint, 2013: p61). In order to mimic the natural development of tissue in the lab, researchers require appropriate topographical and biochemical cues in a manner that is spatially controlled. Therefore, the future of stem cells in tissue engineering is dependent on the use of nano-technology, in this case nano-topography, in order to influence the behavior of cells. This includes various behaviors like proliferation, attachment, and differentiation that play vital roles in engineering of tissues. Majority of the research into stem cells and tissue engineering is currently focused on biochemical and biomechanical signals and cell adhesion and how these cooperate to enable tissues, cells, and organisms to adapt to changes within the environment. In the future, it is possible that mechanical forces like mechano-sensing, cell matrix adhesions, cell-cell adhesions, and cell proliferation can be controlled using nano and micro-fabrication tools (Pavlovic & Ba?lint, 2013: p62). This will allow researchers to understand the manner in which these processes enable cells to respond to their environment.Stem cells also have the potential to allow cellular nucleus control, which will be essential in tissue engineering. The size and morphology of the cell nucleus has emerged as a potential genome function mechanistic regulator, which means that it is a crucial