Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: 5 Different Definition of Stem Education.According to Veenstra et al, (2012), STEM education includes majors in natural sciences, engineering, science, health, and technologies. Many leaders have consistently created concern for the increasing number of STEM students who get well-paying jobs as compared to other degree holders. Though STEM is widely used throughout the education system, certain fields receive more attention in this more than others. Such fields include engineering, computer sciences, and the physical sciences. As a result, examination of STEM participation and resulting outcomes from examining narrow fields come up with differing conclusions as opposed to when a broader definition is used altogether.STEM education is an important interdisciplinary approach that incorporates various academic concepts with other real-world lessons, as the student is able to apply the four disciplines of STEM education. As a result, they are able to connect between school, global economy and community work thus developing STEM literacy giving the students a competitive advantage in the economy (Beatty, 2011). Educators seem to consider this concept from an educational perspective increasing the importance of succeeding in science and mathematics and increasing the integration in engineering and technology when needs arises.STEM education involves a study of sciences, mathematics, engineering and technology courses and having adequate knowledge to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the real world (DeBoer, 2011). The reason is that the competitive nature of every country requires that there is a strong educational program that is able to prepare innovative scientists and other engineers who are capable of providing innovations that can flourish the economy of a country. However, various educators involved in preparing students for important careers in STEM courses find the term

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