Answer these two questions with at least 6 sentences each. Attached is chapter 4 of race and racism needed to answer question number two. 

1. Do you think that ‘new media’ has the potential to counter racial stereotypes, or do you think that they are providing an arena for the proliferation of stereotypes? Use at least one example from new media to make your case. [New media include a large portion of user-generated content- material produced by everyday people with access to rudimentary technology.] (“New Media: Golash-Boza, pp. 103-108)

2. Do the stereotypes mentioned in chapter 4 of Race and Racism apply to the shows you watch? Why or why not? Pick one popular television show and assess the extent to which the non-white characters fit into stereotypical roles. Are the Latina characters portrayed as hypersexual? Are the Asians and Native Americans stoic? Describe at least two characters in a popular television show and then assess the extent to which those characters fit into the controlling images for their group.

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