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I’m working on a communications report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.


***(The attached file is a rough draft of the paper, and in italics are the professor’s comments about the rough draft)

I really like this idea. I think the topic is timely and relevant. In terms of your lit review, I think you may need to pull back from a bugs life and look at revolutionary media more broadly. What does current research say about how social media has been used in social movements like what we’re seeing with r/wsb and GME? You’ll want to think through your specific research question and also identify a theory to guide your thinking here.

Below are detailed instructions for writing your literature review. This is the first draft so the key here is to just get something down on paper. The lit review should be approximately 2,000 words and should include a copy of your bibliography in proper APA format. Again, please use APA format to cite your sources.

Once your draft is submitted, I will review it and give you feedback regarding how to best edit your piece for the final draft.

Writing a Literature Review

A literature review is a specific type of academic essay that gives a critical summary of the available scholarly articles, books, and other sources that pertain to a chosen research area, topic, or theory. The author of the literature review takes a step beyond simply summarizing the literature and adds critical evaluations and synthesis of the themes found across the literature.

Writing a literature review is often the first step taken before conducting a research project. Scholarly articles describing original research begin with a review of the literature regarding the topic, then go on to describe the experiment or study in detail. A literature review can also be the first step in writing a research paper. It helps you, the writer, organize your research into themes.

Organizing your Literature Review

Similar to many academic papers, literature reviews have 3 basic elements: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

  • Introduction
    • You will define your topic and establish the purpose of the literature review in the introduction. This is where you will introduce your research question.
  • Body
    • You will discuss the articles as they relate to each theme you’ve chosen. Each paragraph should discuss one specific theme and discuss all of the articles that support or refute that theme. Useful language to connect articles within the paragraph include: “One trend in the research is…”, “Studies show that…”, “There is disagreement among scholars about…”
    • Use subheads to organize the body of your paper into approx. three themes that summarize the different elements of the research you’ve gathered.
    • Be sure to discuss how the literature you’re summarizing relates back to your specific research question. How will this research help you make predictions/ hypotheses related to your own research question.
    • The writing should be in your own words as much as possible. Keeps quotations from sources to a minimum.
  • Conclusion
    • You will summarize the themes you discussed in the body of your paper.
    • You will also discuss areas of controversy in the literature.
    • Finally, you will discuss the gaps in the research and identify areas that need further study.
  • References
    • The references section has the full citations of the resources you discuss in your paper presented in APA style (Links to an external site.). This will be on a separate page from the rest of your paper.

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