Need an argumentative essay on Strategic Information System mangament. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.The shop has only one receptionist. Each customer has to stand in the line to get a form. The form to fill is very comprehensive and time consuming. The receptionist won’t handle the next customer’s request until a current customer’s case has been closed (form is filled). The form contains a lot of questions but does not specifically ask the client what the problem is and what the next steps might be.Lapy King only sells laptop computers and just takes the orders to repair broken laptops from the customers in the city centre. Then they deliver the item to the main repair company which is located in a suburb within a 15 Kilo meters distance.Once they receive the broken item, they read the form, perform a quick diagnosis and then they usually have to call the client and ask further questions for instance whether the client wants an device being replaced for a quoted price.If the call is made during working hours, the customer may not answer the call and when the client calls back the company the call has to be forwarded to the repair company and the person responsible to fix the device. All these together delays the delivery of the product/service.There is no kind of managed communication between customer and repair guys. Receptionist does not have much technical information and answering the calls and making arrangements between the staff and managers, consumes a lot of her time.The receptionist at lapy king, is responsible of answering the phone calls to the company and directing them to the right person. She is also responsible to take orders from customers with a broken laptop. She provides a form for a client to fill. This includes client’s details, for example name and address, email and phone number, the problem with the laptop and whether they want other services like backup from hard disks.The receptionist asks the customer for a registration fee. Receives and packs the laptop and issues a

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