Compose a 250 words essay on Homework. Needs to be plagiarism free!The employees think that they will have lesser control over their functions and that the new way of doing things is posed to lessen their influence on strategic operations of the organization. Finally, and obvious resistance to change is the lack of skills especially in computer technology. Most employees are wondering how they will cope with information systems that they barely understand.The first step in dealing with resistance to change is awareness creation among all employees. Awareness creation should take place early enough so that the employees can understand the urgency and need for the proposed change. After creating awareness, it is imperative to train employees in the necessary skills for handling computer programs. In this case, Martin should develop training programs that focus on fully equipping employees with the computer skills. Another way of dealing with resistance to change is diversifying job functions since computers will render some staff jobless. There should be initiative to encourage task diversification so that employees can handle more than one function within the