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In Chapter Five of Teaching at its best, you are introduced to strategies for motivating students in four areas. Create a chart that includes the following categories:
Your persona.
Your course.
Your teaching.
Your assignments.
In each category, identify at least five motivational strategies. In addition to the chart, provide an explanation of your choices and how you will implement them in a classroom. Give a real-life example of at least one strategy per category. For instance, if you have chosen “use appropriate humor” as a strategy, then you would include an appropriate joke or humorous anecdote as an example.
Be creative! You can produce a document, create a video, a PowerPoint, or come up with your own way to meet the requirements. 
Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary links and/or text in a document. There is not page or length requirement as that will limit your creativity. In whatever you create, make sure you have addressed all the required topics listed above. Provide the proper American Psychological Association (APA) citation for any sources that you use, and include a title page and reference page(s).

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