Discussion 1 Assignment

Why has strategy evaluation become so important in business today, and how will you incorporate these principles into your everyday life and work, if at all? use 250-300 words when doing the assignment.

Peer Responses

Respond to two peers Discussion Assignments. Use 200 words when responding. start off with “Hello(name)”


The strategy-evaluation process has become especially important in business today because it can truly make the difference in whether a business is successful or not. Many businesses fail to become successful and grow due to the fact that they did not incorporate enough time into their business strategies. According to our text, “the strategic-management process results in decisions that can have significant, long-lasting consequences… Therefore, most strategists agree that strategy evaluation is vital to an organization’s well-being; timely evaluations can alert management to problems or potential problems before a situation becomes critical” (David, David, & David, p.272, 2020). Strategy evaluation is a great formula to make sure a business continues to evolve and grow but it needs to be used by people who truly want to see the business do better; if not the data could be manipulated to make it seem like a business is doing better than it actually is (David, David, & David, p.272, 2020). These principles could also be used in my everyday life based upon goals I have for my future, whether personal or professional. Strategy evaluation can help people to reach their goals because it helps to evaluate where they currently are versus where they would like to be, and then implementing a strategy that will help them get to where they want to be.

(The Second Student didn’t post their discussion assignment, when they do I will give it to you so you can respond to them)

Week 7 Assignment

Go back to the Week 6 powerpoint Assignment. Review two of your peers’ work and provide detailed feedback on their presentations.

What did you like about their strategic suggestions, and what might you suggest they consider changing?

  • The peer review should be 150 to 250 words in length.

(The Peer’s Powerpoints are attached below. the first student is Elizabeth and the second is jenny)

Video Signature Assignment
(The Directions for the Video Signature Assignment is Attached Below)(It has to be a man to do this assignment since you have to do A video signature assessment and im a male. These assignments are important you cannot slack on them. If you cannot guarantee quality work then don’t bid. If the directions are not followed then the assignments will be refunded.)

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: SIGNATURE ASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT For BA Business Administration (BU4040 and BU4047) ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW AND INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, you will: 1. Research and submit your “ideal” job description requiring a business degree. 2. Create a video (using MS Stream) of you speaking on camera, in professional attire appropriate for a job interview, pitching yourself to the prospective employer. 3. In your video, make sure to: a. Describe why you are the best candidate for the job b. State your relevant experience c. Include 3 brief statements or a short story about a situation where you demonstrated the following outcomes successfully: Outcome 2: Analyzing decisions, using quantitative methods and information systems. Outcome 3: Evaluating legal, ethical, and global environments. Outcome 4: Developing effective

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