we have assignment i chose mcdonalds, you answer the questions 5,6 i uoplded the file there are the information
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College Of Business Administration Department Of Management and Marketing ASSIGNMENT-II October-2021 MKT464 –STRATEGY MARKETING 1.Name: __________________________________________Student ID: ________ Section: ____ 2.Name: __________________________________________Student ID: ________ Section: ____ 3.Name: __________________________________________Student ID: ________ Section: ____ Please Note: A. This is a GROUP assessment (maximum number of students should not exceed 3) should be submitted on blackboard on or before due date. B. The assessment should be in pdf format. Directions: Pick a LOCAL business, a chain or franchise located locally, and describe its marketing strategy using the guidelines MKT464 – MARKETING STRATEGY Page 1 below. Please word process or write neatly,

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