For this paper, you will produce a film review through a sociological lens. Pick a film that you
can watch over and over again and can pause/play throughout. A film on DVD or streaming
online (e.g. Netflix) is best. The film must be fictional; no documentaries allowed

This is not a summary of the film but an analysis of the film using sociological concepts that we
have discussed and read about throughout the semester.  

You must analyze the film using sociological concepts that we have discussed and read about
throughout the semester. For the analysis, please answer the following questions:  

1. In the introduction of your paper, include a brief synopsis of the film, and describe the
main characters, including their names.

2. Using your sociological imagination, what is your review of this movie? Make sure to
review the sociological imagination in the Ferris & Stein text when responding to this

3. Analyze the film using one of the following theories: structural functionalism, structural
strain, conflict, Marxist conflict, feminist, queer, symbolic interactionism, or dramaturgy

4. Select two issues/topics from class (key concepts from Ferris & Stein text). For each
topic address the following:

a. How are these issues/topics discussed or displayed in the movie?  
b. How does the movie help you to understand these topics?  

5. How does who you are (your multiple identities, such as your roles, race/ethnicity, social
class, gender, sexuality, etc. and your biases) affect your viewing of the movie?

6. When watching the movie through a sociological lens, how is the movie different now?  1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1

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Film Analysis Paper: Prohibited Films The following films are NOT allowed for this assignment. You will receive ZERO (0) points if you submit one of these films: § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § The Blind Side The Breakfast Club Crash Easy A Erin Brockovich Fast and the Furious (all films in the franchise) Forrest Gump Freedom Writers The Green Mile Guardians of the Galaxy 1 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 The Help Hidden Figures The Hunger Games Instructions Not Included The Kids are Alright Legally Blonde Mean Girls Mulan Mulan 2 Mulan (2020) Mulan – ANY The Pursuit of Happyness Remember the Titans Salt of the Earth She’s the Man All television shows All Black Mirror All documentaries All dramatic biographies based on true stories All films listed in Module 18: Extra Credit Films Any additional films announced by the instructor
Purchase answer to see full attachmentExplanation & Answer: 5 pagesTags: kidnappedStreet FighterThe Legend of ChunLi

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