This is a personal writing assignment where Im supposed to identify my strenths, weaknesses and expereices and draw connections to them as us as writers. Obviously I wont be writing it so you can make up all those things. Heres a little overview if the assigment. Objective

Effective texts address the different elements of the rhetorical situation.  One of these elements is the author, the individual that is actually responsible for the text’s composition.  Because writing is a very personal activity, skilled writers must know themselves—their strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and goals.


Compose a 2-3 page essay in which you draw connections between yourself as a person and as a writer by reflecting on your strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and goals.  

Please also note that this first writing assignment is primarily diagnostic.  That is, I am is interested in seeing what your writing is like.  There is no need to be overly formal or stress out over the content.  Just be thoughtful in the connections that you are describing and keep paragraphs and the overall essay unified.

Refer to the sample paper format handout Actionsfor formatting requirements.

After uploading the final draft of your essay, start moving through the module!

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