Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: In 500 words, tells us about what makes you, you. What are your strengths, weaknesses, and your motivation What separates you from any other applicant How do you think Howard University will increase your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.I feel that many people become far too complacent in many different dimensions of lifestyle, whether it is academics or personal living, which does not provide them with opportunities to improve themselves and expand their competencies. I have found that some of the most successful and contented individuals in society are those who work to expand their knowledge base and achieve more than they once thought possible.I genuinely desire to enrich myself and, therefore, achieve this type of happiness by staying committed to learning and learning how to more effectively achieve my short- and long-term goals more productively and by staying focused on becoming a more reflective, philosophical and insightful contributor to society.I genuinely believe that my strengths are numerous, however the most important as it pertains to a collegiate career are sustaining an inquisitive mind, maintaining a potent drive to participate and gain richness from experiences that life provides and also maintain a kind and empathetic personality which I hope will enrich others who come into contact with me socially, academically and professionally. I expect that Howard University and its reputation for excellence in providing quality education and mentoring can enhance these strengths which will have long-term benefit not only for improving personal knowledge, but to improve my competencies interpersonally.My weaknesses, however, are more difficult to quantify which could be a product of being so ambitious and headstrong to fully understand them. Though I recognize that I am a highly ambitious individual, it is my hope that teaching professionals at Howard can be instrumental in identifying any weaknesses that educators feel need improvement and help me to better evaluate any identified disadvantages and work to improve them.I believe that what separates me from other applicants is having a mature set

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