GEOS 4300 Structural Geology You may want to include sketches when possible. 1. What information does hinge shape (and related deformation features) tell us about the material strength (and contrast) of layers caught up during a folding event? [10 pts] 2. How does passive folding work? What are the influences of rock competence in both active and passive folding? [25 points] 3. Define the terms Boudin and Boudinage. What mechanism(s) control the formation of boudins. [25 points] 4. Define L-tectonite and S-tectonite. How are these fabrics useful in describing foliation, cleavage, and lineations. [25 points] 5. How are stratigraphic facing indicators and geopetal structures used in Structural Geology? [5 points] 6. Describe a flower structure – why are they important for hydrocarbon exploration? [10 pts]

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