PAGE 1 : OUTLINE ◦The outline should give the reader an idea of what issue the paper is covering, the economics behind the issue, and the policy proposed. ◦Generally more detailed outlines are better, but fully written rough drafts are penalized.  Part I:  Overview of Issues   Describe issue – what is the problem the paper is addressing?  Describe why the issue is controversial.  Present opposing sides of issue.  Introduce data describing problem. Part II:  Review of economic issues  Describe economic principles involved with issue.  Apply the economic principles to the problem you are addressing. Part III:  Take a stance on the issue and defend your position   Outline a plan as to what should be done (or not done) to resolve the issue.  Describe why you believe the plan will work.  Describe theoretical economic impacts of your plan.  Present data, whenever possible, to support your position. Part IV:  Conclusion    Overall conclusions. Part V:  References FROM 3 ARTICLES  Cited in text  (Smith, 2015)  Full citation at end of paper (Any style you wish, but full cite.)  Include bias for each source at end of citation

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