TOPIC – Supervision of Counsellors working with particularly traumatised clients (focus on vicarious trauma)

Purpose of assignment

To encourage students to compile an annotated bibliography in an area of interest relating to their experience of supervision, and to write a reflective essay which includes both critical discussion and personal reflection. Paper is on 2 parts – annotated bibliography and summary including reflections – reflective essay.

Assignment process:

Building on the reading you have done so far in this unit, select an aspect of supervision that is of interest to you.

Read both critically from the perspective of theory and research, and reflectively in terms of your experience.

Briefly summarise each research source, on the theory, research findings or argument. Consider the usefulness and/or limitations of the text and include evaluative comments.

Write up your essay incorporating your experience of supervision and self-reflection and your understanding of the relevant theory and research findings as detailed in the bibliography.

Read widely using supervision references on the area you have chosen – minimum 15 references

Marking criteria:

Evidence of a thorough investigation of the topic using relevant and recent references from the literature (minimum 15 references) (20%)

Self-reflective process integrated into the thinking of the essay (20%)

The presentation including clarity of written communication, essay writing within prescribed word length and structure suitable for the academic context, and accurate referencing (10%)

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