1.Supply chain is the system that ensures there is a flow of goods, and services required by a certain business. It involves the producers, suppliers and the consumers. Conversely, supply chain management is the process in which the entire process is coordinated and run to have optimum efficiency (Croxton, Garcia-Dastugue, Lambert, & Rogers, 2001).

2. SCOR and GSCF

The Supply Chain Management is tailored alongside the Supply chain operations reference model which makes it easy to coordinate relations between producers, suppliers and the customers. The advantage of this model is that it helps a company to re-examine the complexity of its supply chain through the five point evaluators.

The Global Supply Chain Forum recognizes the relationship between the producers and the consumers, and how the suppliers and customers play an intermediary role in ensuring the delivery of products.

3. The SCOR model is built in a five point criteria,

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