You have just been hired as the new V.P. of Supply Chain by ASU Industries, Inc.  ASUI is a manufacturer of a variety of consumer packaged goods products that are sold both domestically and internationally.  Your new boss, the CEO, has asked that you investigate the performance of your supply chain operations.  After a preliminary investigation you have determined that the performance metrics currently used by ASUI are inadequate for measuring ASUI’s supply chain performance.  Your company’s corporate strategy is to provide a high standard of customer service, including reliability, responsiveness, and flexibility in meeting customer requirements.  Cost is important, but is secondary to service.  Your task is to develop a set of metrics that focus on the correct performance criteria that will ASUI to become a world-class corporation.
1) Identify a set of metrics for each of the following categories: 1) time, 2) service quality, 3) cost.  Explain what each metric involves and how it is measured.  There should be 5-10 metrics for each of the three categories. (34 pts.)
2) Discuss how each of these metrics is related to either reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, costs, or asset management.  (33 pts.)
3) Select the top five most important metrics for your company and discuss why you chose those five. (33 pts.)

Need at least 3 sources for this paper, no abstract is needed.  Questions need to be answered directly one at a time.

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